How To Throw The Ultimate Valentine’s Day / Galentine’s Day Party At Home – On A Budget

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As Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and a lot of us are  stuck at home due to the pandemic, I thought I’d write a blog post on how you can make your valentine’s day special at home. 

Here’s how you can make your home look gorgeous and celebrate the day in style!

You can also use these ideas for celebrating Galentine’s Day – Where you and your girlfriends spend the day celebrating friendship at home.

I’ve tailored this post to help you achieve this on a budget 😉

Valentines Table Setting Ideas

Here are some pretty table setting ideas I’ve found to give you inspiration for decorating your own valentines themed table. The table above features our very own fashion designer inspired party cups, which are great for celebrating the day with your friends 😉

XOXO Table Runner

This table runner was created by the blogger Arin Solange. This was achieved by using a roll of paper and simply painting the letters ‘XO’ onto the roll of paper. It’s pretty neat and very cost effective! You can check out her blog post here.

Hearts Table Runner

If you own a Cricut cutting machine, you can access this heart table runner and cut it out via Cricut Design Space. Just go onto the Cricut Design Space software and onto projects, then search ‘Valentine Crafting Party Table Runner’.

Valentine’s Meal Plate Setting & Placetags.

You could make your valentine’s meal more interesting by decorating your plates, adding place tags, napkins and decorating cocktail sticks to make them into arrows.

You can get this project to make all the items via the Cricut Design Space, 

Alternatively, you could make your setting similar by doing this instead:

1. Create the XOXO wording yourself and print onto sticker paper or vinyl then cut them out and stick the wording onto your plate. 

2. For the place cards, Use some nice patterned card stock. Cut the cardstock to size to make a nice place card out of. Fold the card in half, then print the names onto a white piece of cardstock. Alternatively, you can write the names onto the white cardstock. The white cardstock should be a rectangular shape and smaller than the patterned card. Then, stick the white cardstock into the middle of the place card and voila! You have some place cards.

3. For the cocktail sticks, Cut out a shape similar to the tail of a dart using patterned card stock and then stick them onto the cocktail sticks.

Valentine’s Romantic Meal At Home

You could create your own dinner menu and print it out, draw / decorate your own on some paper or card stock to make your romantic meal even more special.

You can also make your own cutlery holders to have a romantic meal at home and imitate that restaurant vibe. 

Add some red napkins and your dinner will look fancy! Light some candles for extra romance. 

The above image was from the Cricut Design Space, so you could access that if you have the Cricut subscription.

Galentine’s Party Cups

We’ve made these exclusive valentine fashion designer inspired cups, which would look great at your event! Check them out over on our store here.

Valentine’s Party Decor

If you want to decorate your home, you could use some valentine’s themed balloons or bunting. 

You could also make your own bunting, we’ve found the bunting above on the Circut Design Space. 

Get Thrifty – Go Check Out Your Local Discount Stores

It might also be worth checking out your local discount stores, such as the Poundshop / The Dollar Tree (if you’re American) , B & M Bargains , etc and seeing if they have any Valentine’s Day decor in stock. You might just find some cheap and easy decor which is suitable for the day and looks good, without needing to blow your budget! 

Valentine’s Food & Drink Inspiration 

I’m loving this valentines day themed cheese board, you can check it out here.

How pretty is this cake box?! Inspiration from this instagram account.

Drink wise, you could pick up some Pink Gin and serve some lovely pink drinks, or make strawberry daiquiri cocktails to have a red valentine’s theme. 

You could display and serve your drinks by decorating your own valentine’s day bar cart. You can check it out here.

Fun Ideas

You could make the event more fun by picking up some party props, I found these ones that are available from Target.

Then, you could give out some little grab bags for everyone to take home with some treats in.

Pin It For Later

I really enjoyed finding the best inspiration for your party and hope you are now fired up with ideas on how to rock your event!

Until Next Time,

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